There are 2 types of particulate filter available:

1.  Self-regenerating ceramic particulate filters that are installed in place of the existing exhaust.       

     The particles collected in this filter must be burnt by the exhaust gases from the engine itself. So

     this type, our PF series, works only with engines that are regularly or even constantly heavily

     loaded. Purchase price depends on the cylinder capacity.

2.  Semi-permanent particulate filters based on replacement elements, our HT series. These filters are

     installed behind the existing exhaust. The filter contains a kind of air filter element that filters
     the particles out of the exhaust gases. Once saturated, the element must be replaced by a new

     element. This system does not require a minimum temperature but it does in fact have a maximum 

     threshold of 2500. This type of filter is often fitted to engines that are constantly varying their 

     revolutions or are stationary but which seldom operate at full throttle. As an extra facility this filter

     can be turned on and off by means of a 3-way valve e.g. when driving indoors/outdoors.
     Advantages: no minimum temperature required, no maintenance, easy to install, inexpensive to buy.

Efficiency: The HT filter stops >95% of all exhaust gas particles >0.4 Mhu. Z