Diesel Fuel Conditioner:

DFT 1500 "Hammerdown" is a multi-purpose diesel conditioner specially designed to optimise the characteristics of modern diesel oil.

It is a unique mix of petrochemical products specially developed for today’s diesel. It has been designed to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs and to minimise current fuel problems. Since 1977 DFT 1500 has proven itself both on land and on the sea in light and heavy maritime

DFT 1500 "Hammerdown" makes the combustion process more efficient for diesel engines and produces more power whilst considerably reducing CO, NOx and exhaust particles (soot). It removes and prevents the production of solid carbon, a major cause of wear and reduction of the power of the engine. It prevents the growth of bacteria and mould in the fuel tank and fuel systems (pump and fuel pipes). And it protects all fuel systems and parts of the engine against corrosion.

DFT 1500 "Hammerdown" also reduces friction on the piston ring and cylinder wall. Users regularly report that their diesel engines come up to speed significantly more smoothly and that the engine stops smoking after the addition of DFT 1500 Hammerdown.

Users (Coast Guard) also say that the old engine power is restored "as new.” In addition, they report an average reduction of 7 to 10% in fuel consumption and 15 to 25% lower maintenance costs. Independent tests confirm this.

DFT 1500 "Hammerdown" is fully compatible with all diesel engines, filters and fuel systems. It is neither toxic nor corrosive, it does not contain any metals or alcohol and it requires no special treatment, special storage or disposal. It is guaranteed not to be susceptible to chemicals and it cannot cause any damage whatsoever to the engine.

DFT 1500 "Hammerdown" Fuel Conditioner is EPA registered, Certified for National Defence fuels and is US Coast Guard-approved.

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